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Sponsor an area of the amazonian jungle

Participate in Chontachaka´s first program and help protect one of the world´s most engangered woodlands: Peru´s Sourthern Amazonian Jungle.

Come along with us in this original project, this ´arrowhead´ which seeks to demonstrate it is possible: for anyone, in any country to really, efficiently and without middlemen, participate in a Nature Protection Program.

Support Chontachaka with 50 E a year (less than one Euro a week) and sponsor a part (1,000 m2) of the jungle.

You will be able to:

-Be a member of our Association, ´baptize´ your area and receive a certificate as a Chontachaka godparent Realize your dream of helping and participating in a sustainable development project Maintain a special tie to the university and regional people in the region who will care for your sponsored plot and will maintain you informed. Collaborate, work as a volunteer and travel to participate in Chontachaka´s projects.
Dios Tambien duerme is on sale !!!

Dios Tambien duerme is on sale !!!

God also sleeps is the book by Magdalena Ruiz, founder of the Chontachaka Ecological Reserve. In this book Magdalena tells us 16 years of initiatory journey with the master plants. A journey through the Andes and the Amazon in their search for the l

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