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Sponsor an area of the amazonian jungle

Participate in Chontachaka´s first program and help protect one of the world´s most engangered woodlands: Peru´s Sourthern Amazonian Jungle.

Come along with us in this original project, this ´arrowhead´ which seeks to demonstrate it is possible: for anyone, in any country to really, efficiently and without middlemen, participate in a Nature Protection Program.

Support Chontachaka with 50 E a year (less than one Euro a week) and sponsor a part (1,000 m2) of the jungle.

You will be able to:

-Be a member of our Association, ´baptize´ your area and receive a certificate as a Chontachaka godparent Realize your dream of helping and participating in a sustainable development project Maintain a special tie to the university and regional people in the region who will care for your sponsored plot and will maintain you informed. Collaborate, work as a volunteer and travel to participate in Chontachaka´s projects.

New Tour in our Reserve Fairies and Elves

What is it? Fairies and Elves in Chontachaca offers a unique set of real life experiences that may seem impossible but actually aren’t.  Right from the start, you are going to discover that the pace of time is not a constant and that even a

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