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Ecological Reserve Chontachaka

The Civil Partnership Chontachaca Ecological Reserve (REC) is an association of environmental, ecological and non-profit groups. The association was created in Peru with the aim of working for the defense and conservation of the Amazonian forest and all the beings that inhabit it.
The REC is composed of professionals, employees, volunteers and nature lovers, all with experience in ecology, health and education. People, who for years and for different reasons have been involved in the wonderful world of the Amazon.
REC Association is registered in the Public Registry of Peru with registration number 2009-00021784 and has been focused on reforestation in Manu since 2006. We were legally established in the year 2009, with the determination to change, improve, contribute and take part in human behavior and its relationship with nature.
There is now an urgency to take on new sustainable approaches that have evolved from utopian solutions to real solutions while simultaneously continuing to review our methods.
For us it is important to maintain a constant search for new actions aimed at a lifestyle that connects us back to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), to make us understand that there was never such a need to degrade, or over-exploit her.
We firmly believe that the connection with Mother Earth should be the aim of this new relationship between man and nature.

The REC has 200 hectares of forest on the campus of Palmaceda, Chontachaca (Qosñipata Valley, Manu Biosphere Reserve) which is currently being reforested.

Since 2006 we have planted more than 3000 trees of native species and there are several communities and populations as well as individuals in the area that want to join our effort. To do our job we have the support of students in biology from the University San Antonio Abad of Cusco and volunteers who for  periods of time reside in Palmaceda. Students from several Universities also carry out environmental projects and environmental volunteering.


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