Fairies and Elves in Chontachaka 4D/3N
Fairies and Elves in Chontachaka 4D/3N
Fairies and Elves in Chontachaka 4D/3N

Fairies and Elves in Chontachaka 4D/3N

880 US$

Fairies and Elves in Chontachaca offers a unique set of real life experiences that may seem impossible but actually aren’t. 

Right from the start, you are going to discover that the pace of time is not a constant and that even a day may appear to last a whole week.
You will breakfast on sacred plants, drink from crystalline water and bathe naked in cascading waterfalls.
We will call on the goblins, fairies and elves and all the creatures that inhabit the forest.
We will delve into the past, our knowledge of ourselves and who we really are. 

The forest will be our protection and our guide.

We will end the experience safe and sound and not the same people as before. Everything will be different.
We may even emerge a few years younger!

What you contribute to live this incredible experience will go towards conserving to forest in which you have walked and the School at Tikapata.

Day 1

On day one we travel from Cusco to Kcosnipata by road, stopping on the way at Ninamarca, Paucartambo, Acjanajo at the entrance to Manu park and whenever we see something of interest.

We arrive late afternoon in time for dinner at the reserve.

Day 2

We get up before the dawn and eat and drink plants of the light 

We walk together and in silence towards the forest of the fairies and the goblins 

We pass through different kinds of forest with different energies and vibrations 

We encounter trees and flowers that transmit specific energies

We open portals in our lives and pass through together

We arrive at the waterfall  to bathe in its waters. 

Afterwards we will participate in a guided meditation and invoke a special ceremony to goblins, fairies and elves for later in the day. 

You will be given a map with all the trails we will have walked and help to interpret it. You will remain alone in the waterfall at least one hour.

Then your journey alone through the jungle begins. You decide by where to go, accompanied with someone who will remain in silence and at a distance but to whom you will be able to refer if any questions arise. 

In some places you will be able to be alone. 

Day 3

On the third day you can opt to remain on the reserve or take an optional trip on the river alto Madre de Dios stopping to see wildlife and sites on the way.

 If you decide to remain in the lodge you have the opportunity to walk, swim, and visit the cock of the rock lek or simply relax.

Day 4

After breakfast we return to Cusco.

I wanted to say something about how the idea of Goblins and Fairies arose. We find ourselves in difficult times at Tikapata School and the financial constrains limit what we are able to continue to do in the project or even if we are able to continue. So it seemed like the right time to explore alternative but sustainable ways to generate income. 

A long time ago I suggested the idea of a “Fairies and Elves adventure” to the fairies and elves of the forest and asked them whether they  would give us permission?  

This was their answer: “To offer this experience beforehand you have to discover who you are!”

Well days, months and years passed and a lot of therapy too. I went on planting trees and little by little, with the recovery of the forest, my soul recovered as well! My trips to the forest became more intense and each time and during my most recent stays in Chontachaka my connection with the trees intensified; the green and the red of the landscape, the sound of the water, all penetrated my being with every step that I took. I was one with the forest. I had discovered who I was! I had answered their question.

I have to say there still remains a lot for me to discover but I am at peace with myself and am in no hurry now.  The trees take their time in growing, the forest takes time to recover and the soul takes it time to heal!

Anyway, I am now able to offer this adventure to you with their permission! And if you find what you are looking for and if the goblins show you a way, we ask you to make a donation. 

All donations will go to the Tikapata School which promotes a new system of education that explores the deep understanding of oneself and the source of one existence, the earth. 

It aims to help the children to grow without forgetting who they are.

 The program includes

  • Full board and lodging in Chontachaka 
  • Transportation; Cusco - Chontachaka - Cusco in public transport 
  • Sacred plants 
  • Guides

The program does not include

  • Food not specified in the program. 
  • Sleeping bag (available in rent in Cusco )
  • Poncho stops the rain 
  • Personal medicines 
  • International flights or nationals. Airport taxes. 

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In case of cancellation of the reservation 15 days before your departure, RESERVA ECOLOGICA CHONTACHAKA will keep 65% of the total for all the reservations already made and refund 35% of the total amount. If the reservation is canceled after 15 days, the Chontachaka Ecological Reserve will not make any refund and will keep 100% of the payment.