Wildlife in Madre de Dios 4d/3n
Wildlife in Madre de Dios 4d/3n
Wildlife in Madre de Dios 4d/3n

Wildlife in Madre de Dios 4d/3n

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  • Paucartambo Colonial Town
  • The Manu Biosphere Reserve
  • The Cloud Forest 
  • The Rain Forest 
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Day 1: Cusco - Chontachaka Ecological Reserve

You wake up early to leave Cusco and begin a winding ascent into the Andes. The road eventually winds down to the Paucartambo Colonial Town, where you will stop briefly to stretch your legs. Leaving Paucartambo you begin your ascent through eucalyptus groves, cultivated fields, and remnant patches of native vegetation. 

Forty minutes from Paucartambo you reach Acjanaco at 3,500 meter above the sea level, atop the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes. At this point you have entered the Manu Biosphere Reserve. You are now above the clouds gazing below into the lush jungle of the Amazon. As you ascent down from Acjanaco, the baron Paramo starts to change to an elfin forest.Here you will stop for lunch to admire the view.

Then, you descend further into the cloud forest where the tree canopy covered by mist gives life to numerous epiphytes, moss, luscious green ferns and the Kur-Kur (high land bamboo). This area is a natural playground for a vast number of birds. You make your way to an observation post where, with a little luck, you will be able to watch the fascinating dance of Peru's National bird, the Cock-of-the-Rock and hopefully spot the Woolly Monkey.

You arrive at our lodge, in the Chontachaka Ecological Reserve, at 6 p.m. where you will spend the night. After a delicious meal you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings before turning in for the evening.

Amaru Mayu river Amaru Mayu river

Day 2: Chontachaka - Atalaya

At dawn we shall walk aroun 30 min along Gallito Trail until Cock of The Rock watching point. The Cock of The Rock is the Peru national bird and, every morning, several specimens gather in the watching point. You can observe them and enjoy their movements on the top of the trees.

After that, we comeback to the lodge and have breakfast. Then we walk again, this time following Monkey Trail along which we will observe the rich biodiversity of the zone. Later, we walk until the Waterfall, where we will be able to swim. Comeback to lodge and lunch.

Then we will go by road until the small town of Atalaya. We will have the dinner in a local family’s house and we will sleep there.

Parrot clay lick Parrot clay lick

Día 3: Atalaya - Río Madre de Dios

Antes del amanecer, desplazamiento en bote río abajo, desde el puerto fluvial de Atalaya, con la finalidad de visitar una vistosa collpa de loros. Continuación de la navegación en bote.

Realización de paradas y caminatas para visitar distintos puntos de interés ecológico, como la Chocha Machuwasi, en la que navegaremos en un catamarán.

Almuerzo en el mismo domicilio de la familia local en el que pernoctamos.

Regreso a la Reserva Ecológica Chontachaka con una parada en el Centro de Rescate de Animales de Dos Loritos, donde observaremos distintos especímenes en fase de recuperación para ser posteriormente liberados.

Noche en la Reserva Ecológica Chontachaka.

Cloud forest Cloud forest

Day 4: Chontachaka - Cusco

After breakfast, comeback to Cusco by road.

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