31 hectares of reserve more
31 hectares of reserve more
31 hectares of reserve more

31 hectares of reserve more


31 hectares of reserve more

31 hectares of reserve more 31 hectares of reserve more

Hello to all our friends of the Chontachaca Ecological Reserve. We are calling to everybody that visited us on the Reserve, some of you 10 years ago and others few days ago.

The year 2015 brought us a good news! The ministry of agriculture granted our request of agriculture 31 hectares of concession. For us it's very important because it means it's a new proposal for the Chontachaca Ecological Reserve to protect more jungle. All those years we dedicated ourselves to ecological restauration mainly reforestation and the maintenance of all activities that you all know with the support of all the volunteers. In these times, we understand that to return to Nature means for us to assume new responsabilities and our vision is the direction of Chontachaca Mountain. You will see on the map where the concession is located as well as the list of work that needs to be done. This dream wouldn't have been possible without the support of all of you. And besides thanking you for your support, we would like to ask you to help us to launch the new concession.

In this moment we need a proposal of minimum 8000 soles for material and to pay the profesionals who will initiate the first part and create the managing plan. As soon as we accomplish this first phase we will be ready to ask financial support from other institutions.

We have had the audacity to ask for a share of $ 5 (USD) is minimal but very representative if we cover the greatest number of people.

And also we understand that is part of the change of the planet, the effort of a big group of people directing their intentions to a new pulse of life that finds its origins in the Nature.

Thank you very much for reading this message and hopefully we will be able to count on your help.

We are sending you the paypal form for you to be able to effectuate the donation of $5.00.

Once done, I am asking you to send me an email or a note on Facebook.

I will publish on Facebook all the improvements about the project and between all of us we can share the work.